Ego is not a dirty word, or is it?

As humans, we are designed to run away from things that scare us. We are programmed to run away from things that cause us pain.

We are less inclined to move towards those things that give us pleasure.

It has something to do with our reptilian brain. The oldest part of the human brain.

You know the one. When we are faced in the dessert, or the forest, or the ice with a sabre toothed Tiger (not sure where this thing lives), it’s this part of the brain that kicks in and says to us “Run!! Your life depends on it! Get going girl otherwise you are tonight’s dinner!”

At the core of it, our brains are wired to keep us safe.

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Want to make the world a better place?

Look in the mirror.

I’m a child of the 80’s. Well born in the 70’s but did my growing up in the 80’s.
Rah-rah- skirts. Tie-dyed T-Shirts, Miss Helena on Romper room. Crimped hair. Danced in my lounge room to Lionel Richie, Kylie, Abba, Olivia Newton-John, The Pointer Sisters and Michael Jackson.

Oh how I loved Michael Jackson’s early music. Did you?

As I got older and outgrew my Barbie Doll’s I also outgrew Michael Jackson’s music. Shock Horror! Yes I know many of you held on to your love, but not I.
His later work just didn’t gel with me.

Except for 1 song – Man In The Mirror

These lyrics, particularly strike a chord.

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Unmasking at The Masquerade Ball

Have you ever been to a masquerade ball?

I haven’t but when I think of them, images that I have seen in movies come to mind.
A beautiful big room with a parquetry dance floor.
A spiral staircase leading down from the mezzanine level above where the host can look down upon their guests.
Huge, sparkling multi-tiered chandeliers.
The women dressed in stunning swishy ball gowns that glide across the floor as they dance and twirl and the men dressed handsomely in their tuxedos and polished shiny shoes.

And the part that lets you know it’s a masquerade ball? The masks of course!

Everyone is wearing a mask.

The masquerade ball is a metaphor for life.

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