You Might Get Hit By A Car


Riding on his bike down the footpath to the park my 3-year-old son calls out to his friends who are ahead of him, “Stop at the corner”

Naw how cute I think to myself smiling. He’s looking out for his friends and knows that it’s a safety thing, stopping at the corner. Don’t want to get hit by any cars now!

As I thought more about this proud mumma moment, I realised that just like a parrot, my son was mimicking me.

He had heard me say a million times before, as we had ventured to the park “Stop at the corner” and had now taken it on as his own.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s listened to me and knows the meaning of it but what I realized is this is thing us humans do, which often we don’t break or question.

We take on things other people tell us, believing that they are true and never really questioning what we know.

The first 7 years of our life, known as the imprint years are both crucial and amazing.

Children’s brains are like sponges. Taking in everything they see, feel, hear and touch. Learning about the world around them. What their place is, how to fit in, that 2 plus 2 equal 4.

A child will create more neural pathways in the brain in the first 5 years of being alive than at any other time.

Simply amazing!!

So as a kid we learn all these new things and then we operate on auto-pilot through the rest of our lives.

Thinking what we do, believing it to be true, never questioning what we know.

Majority of what we believe and think was given to us by someone else. Usually handed down to us by our parents or close family. Then as we get older we are given beliefs and perceptions by our peers.

It’s not even ours in the first place!!

Perhaps you were the fat kid, the smart kid, the sporty kid or the naughty kid at school.

This is what you got told you were and you took it on to be true.

Does what you think now, as an adult serve you well? Or does it hinder you?

Maybe you think you are not smart enough to start your own business, or become the CEO of the company your work for.

Ask yourself, where does this thought or belief come from? Is it really yours or was it given to you?

The best way to know is to feel it in your body.

When you think of the belief does your body feel heavy or light?

Heavy means it’s a lie, light means it’s the truth for you.

So I invite you to really look at all the beliefs you have about yourself and the world and question if they are serving you or holding you back. Do they serve you or do they suffocate you?

Where did they come from? Once you have worked that out, you can energetically and graciously hand them back to their rightful owner.

Keep the ones that serve you, flip the ones that don’t into something that will.

It takes practice, there’re years and years of crappy thoughts and beliefs to unlearn.

Be kind to yourself while you do this. Catch yourself in the moment of the thought and if it makes you feel heavy, you know it’s a little stinker that gets to be flipped into something sweet and light.

You’re a bit older now, you don’t always need to “Stop at the corner” anymore.